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Roof Gardens

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Roof Gardens or Vegetative Roof Systems:

Imagine having a roof that is literally alive, provides extra protection, absorbs rainwater and reduces heating and cooling costs. If you are considering a vegetative roof system, call us today to learn more. We are happy to help you make the decisions that will make your roof last for many years to come and provide your building with the beautiful protection it needs.

Beauty for Enjoyment:

Imagine having a rooftop garden space that your employees can visit to take a break, eat lunch or hold outdoor meetings in an environment calms and focuses them. If you can imagine it, we can make your dream a reality.

How Does it Work?

Roof Gardens utilize a waterproof membrane to keep rainwater from entering the building. The vegetative portion of the roof is installed using special containment solutions and growth medium that will be specific to the type of plants you desire and the location. Proper drainage calculations and other factors will determine much of the project's parameters, so working with an experienced professional is important.

Green Roofs For the Environment:

Urban settings are getting hotter and hotter every year. As buildings, sidewalks and streets absorb more heat, the "Heat Island Effect" can be felt every day. By adding a green solution such as a vegetative roof system, you will reduce your building's impact on your HVAC use, and the heat trapped within your area. Call us today to learn more about all of the benefits of our Roof Gardens.


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